Welcome to
the world of
punch needle!

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Create something truly

The creation is a lifelong learning, challenges and
successes, and in today's psychological
vocabulary: the experience of flow itself.

Let the nature in!

Try your creativity and make home decorations
with natural materials!

Enjoy the Slow Craft

With an punch needle and a woolen yarn in your
hand, you can focus on the pattern you dream of,
while eliminating the everyday stress around you.

Hungary is now on the world map of punch needle!
Hello World : )

Amy Oxford, founder of The Oxford Company posted the following on her Facebook page:

Rounding out the year with gratitude to all of you who’ve brought Oxford Punch Needles into your homes, studios, and classrooms. So many of you have told me that punching brings you peace of mind. I’m hoping I can contribute to peace on earth in some small way, one punch at a time. For me, the world became a smaller place this year knowing that there are now punch needles (in no particular order) in the following countries:

USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Sweden, Republic of Korea, Belgium, South Africa, Thailand, Argentina, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Romania, Norway, Poland, Finland, Philippines, Colombia, Hong Kong, Austria, Indonesia, Egypt, Myanmar, Chile, Bermuda, Czech Republic, Namibia, Malaysia, Slovakia, Vietnam, China, Ecuador, Bahrain, Ukraine, Slovenia, Iraq, Croatia, Kuwait, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Maldives, Serbia, Iran, Qatar, Algeria, Uruguay, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, and Curaçao.